Basic Web Development



1 Marks


1.      URL is an acronym for

a)      Universal research locator

b)      Universal resource locator

c)      Uniform research locator

d)     Uniform resource locator

2.      The following in best suitable for remote administration of a computer

a)      WAIS  

b)      Browsers

c)      Telnet

d)     None of the above

3. was developed by

a)       Cambridge university

b)      California university

c)      Carnegie-mellon university

d)     None of the above

4.      ARPA is acronym for

a)      Applied research project agency

b)      Advanced remote project agency

c)      Applied remote project agency

d)     Advanced research project agency

5.       VSNL is an acronyn for

a)      Vishesh samachar nigam ltd

b)      Virat sanchar nigam ltd

c)      Videsh sanchar nigam ltd

d)     Videsh samachar nigam ltd

6.      TCP is acronym for

a)      Transmission control protocol

b)      Transit control protocol

c)      Transmission calling protocol

d)     None of the above

7.      The network address of all ones represents

a)      This network                           

b)     All network

c)      This node   

d)     None of the above



8.      IMAP is an acronym for

a)      Internet mail access protocol

b)      International mail access protocol

c)      Interactive mail access protocol

d)     None of the above


9.      URL is the acronym for

a)      Universal resource identifier

b)      Uniied resource identifier

c)      Universal reference identifier

d)     None of the above


10.  HTML is acronym for

a)      Hyper text marking language

b)      Hypertext making language

c)      Hypertext markup language

d)     Hyper transport markup language


11.  The domain name “.gov” stands for

a)      U.S.Governmet

b)      Any Government

c)      Developed nations government

d)     None of the above


12. BBS are ventures usually run by

a)      Government

b)      Institutes

c)      Students

d)     None of the above



13. The actual number of usable class “A” network is

a)      127                                             

b)       128

c)      126

d)      None of the above


14. While sending e-mail addresses typed against BCC receive____________

a)      Blank Carbon Copy 

b)      Block Carbon Copy

c)      Blind Carbon Copy   

d)     None of the above



15.  http stands for

a)      Hyper Text Transfer Protocol

b)      Hyper Text Transfer Process

c)      Higher Text Transfer Process

d)     None of the above


16.  POP is an acronym for

a)      Process Order Protocol

b)      Post Order Protocol

c)      Power Order Protocol

d)      Post Office Protocol


17.  BBS based message can be echoed across the world through

a)       Globalnet

b)      Fidonet

c)      Didonet 

d)     Internet


18.  E-mail works on

a)      Forward and Backward Principle

b)      Store and Retrieve Principle

c)      Store and Forward Principle

d)     Front and Back Principle


19.  The Web relies on the following mechanisms to make it resource readily available.

a)      A uniform naming scheme

b)     Protocols

c)      Hypertext

d)     All the above.


20. WWW stands for

a)      wide world web

b)      web world wide

c)      world wide web

d)     world web wide


21. WINS stands for

a)      windows intranet named service

b)      world internet name server

c)      world intranet named service

d)     windows internet name service


22. SLIP is an acronym for

a)      selected line input process

b)      selected line inputs provider

c)      serial line internet protocol

d)     serial line input process


23. .PPP is an acronym for

a)      process to process protocol

b)      process to process pointing

c)      point to point process

d)     point to point protocol


24. A modem is used for

a)      to connect local area network to tcp/ip network

b)     to connect internet via telephone line

c)      to connect internet via satellite

d)     all the above



25. OSI stands for

a)      open system interconnect

b)     open system interface

c)      other system interface

d)     none of the above



26. Which of the following is not a layer of the OSI reference model.

a)      Session

b)     Data transmission

c)      Network

d)     Physical


27. SMTP stands for

a)      simple mail transfer protocol

b)      single mail transfer protocol

c)      sequential mail transfer protocol

d)     none of the above


28. email works on

a)      forward and backward principle

b)      store and retrieve principle

c)      store and forward principle

d)     None of these


29. the domain name “gov”stands for

a)      us government

b)     any government

c)      developed nations government

d)     none of the above


30. The decimal range of network address for class “B” network is between

a)      127-190

b)     128-190

c)      128-191

d)     127-255


31. The _________ element can be used to identify your html file to the outside world

a)      title

b)      body

c)      head

d)     none of the above


32. There are _________level of heading in html

a)      three

b)      four

c)      five

d)     six



33. The following html tag is used to display the content as a moving text





d)     none of the above


34. html comment should be enclosed between




d)     none of the above


35. _________ tag is used before beginning of the paragraph text