Dot net technology (.NET)





Question[1-40] – Part A [Each 1 mark]

Question[41-60] – Part B [Each 2 marks]

Question[61-75] – Part C [Each 4 marks]



1   ________ is the foundation of the .Net Framework.

 a.   FCL

 b.  CLR

 c. XML

 d. COM


2. .Net framework is environment for building deployirping and running


 a. Window application

 b. Dynamic Application

 c. Web Applications

 d. Save application


3   CLR stands for…………..

a. Common language . Request

b. Common Language  Runtime

c. Common Language. Request

d. Common Language  Runtime


4.WCF stands for…………..

a.Web Communications Foundation

b.Windows Communications Foundation

c.Workflow Communications Foundation

d. None of the Above.


5. WPF stands for ……………….

a. Windows Power Foundation

b. Windows PowerPoint Foundation

c. Windows Presentation Foundation

d. Web Presentation Foundation


6. ASP .Net host the………….to provide a scalable, Server-side environment for         

    managed Code.

  1. Design Time
  2. RunTime
  3. Dynamic Time
  4. Debugging Time


7. The ……… assemblies are stored on disk in portable Executable files.

a. . Static Walk

b.   Static

c.   Dynamic

d. RunTime


8  Web control are found in _______Thames pare


    a. System. web. Web control

    b. System web. UI. Web control

    c. System. Web, UI

    d. System. Out. Web. UI control


9.. In VB.NET class is


a. Date type

b. Reference Type

c. Return type

d. Deference Type



10. C# itself does not include a class Library

a. True

b. False


11. Classes are ………..that define ………..

a.   Objects , Member

b.   Templates, datatype

c.   Templates ,Objects

d    Objects, Instances


11. Class Members contain

a. Fields

b. Properties,Methods,Events

c. Methods, Events

d. Properties,Methods,Events, Fields


12. …………. It is assigned to becomes a method of the class rather than an instance of the class.

a.      Public Modifier

b.     Static Modifier

c.      Main Method

d.      Void Method





13. A collection of element that make up a website or distinct potion of a web site organized under


a. wwwvroot

b. Inetpub

c. virtual root

d. Virtual pub root



14.Web application or suite from


a. Web page

b. Window project

c. Web projects

d. Requested project


15 .System component interact using




c. XML



16. Best way to comm... Web s/w with master server in via


a. XML





17.Multiline Comments can be used with


a. ?*      *?

b. */

c. //

d. /*     */


18.._______is required apart from master web server to provide an added layer of protection


a. Internet server

b. Production server

c. Web server

d. Root directory


19. In C# structs Fall into categories

a. Numericals Types

b. Bool

c. User Defined Structs

d. All of the Above



20.Reference Type includes

a. Enum , Classes, Interfaces,Arrays,Delegates

b. Numeric types,Class,Interface,Arrays

c. Classes,Interfaces,Arrays,Delegates

d. Integral, Interfaces,Arrays,Delegates


21.C# introduce allow inheritance

a. Single Inheritance

b. Interface

c. A and B Both

d. None of the above


22. Which one of there is not a NET compatible Lang

a. VB

b. C#

c. JSharp. Net

d. JavaScript


23. Soap stands of

a. Some operations are performed

b. Some operation are peripherds

c.Simple object Access Protocols

d. Some objects are protocols


24.An interface can be a member of

a. Namespace

b. Class

c. Both of above

d None of the above


24.An array can be ………

a. Single

b. Single,Jagged

c. Multidimensional

d. B and C Both


25. ………..Operator concatenates strings

a.   *

b.   +

c.   &

d. =


26.ODBC stands for


a. Object data Bse connection

b. Oriential data bank of commerce

c. Objection data base connectivity

d. Object Data Base connectivity


27. Strings are immutable

a. True

b. False

c. Not related

d None of the above


28. XML stands for

a. Extra marking language

b. Exterrible work language

c. Extensible Markup Language

d. Exteriable markup language


29…………are not a protection against bugs.

a. Errors

b. Runtime Errors

c. Exception

d. Catch


30. . NET framework compliances of _______class that can employ in our asp. Net appl,

a. 3400

b. 39000

c. 34000

d. 340


31.The syntax for compiling the Sample C# Program is ………..

a. csc.exe

b. cs .cs


d. .exe


32.Windows forms use the …………. Of a form.

a. Metaphor

b. Class

c. Modifier

d. None of the above


33. Events handlers are ……..

a. Delegates

b. Structure

c. Interface

d.All of the above


34. JIT means

a. Just in time

b. Just individual time

c. Justified Index Time

d. Just in Text


35.The ……… Keyboard shortcut is used to display the ToolBox.

a. Ctrl-Alt-X

b. Ctrl-Shift-X

c Ctrl-F8

d Shift-Alt-X


36. The tools for creating Web application are called…………

a. Web Project

b. Web Solution

c. Web Forms

d. Web Service



37. List Controls are

a. List Box

b. Drop Down List

c. Check BoxList, RadioButtonList

d.  All of the above


38 ………. Is a page that contains markup and controls that should be shared across multiple pages in your site.

a. Theme

b. Master Page 

c. Content Holder

d.CSS Page


39).Global.asax files must be included in

a. Vitual Directory

b. Root Directory

c. Web Configuration

d .System File


40.Infopath supports__________

a. XML


c. SOAP and UDDI

d.All of the above.


          ……………      Two Marks Question 2 Marks  ………………………..

41. UDDI stands for-

a)     Universal data description & integration

b)     Universal datagram description implementations

c)      Universal description discover and integration

d)     Universal description data & integration


42.  Access Modifiers are

a.      Public , Protected

b.      Internal,Private                    

c.      Protected Internal

d.     All of the above


43.__________ serve control checks that the entry match a pattern defined by a reference expresses.

a. Regular expression  validater

b. Regular express validation

c. Regular expensive value

d. None of the above



44.The .NET Framework is a common environment for _______, _________ and running web applications and web services.

a)     Deploying, designing

b)     Creating, training

c)     Building, deploying

d)     None of the above


45. When a .NET class is ___________, it’s constructor ___________.

a. Created, defined

            b. Declared, instantiated

c. Instantiated, executes

d. None of the above


  1. The ASP.NET web forms page framework is a _________ common language runtime programming model that can be used on the server to _________ generate web pages.

a. Strong, permanently

b. Scalable, dynamically

c. Inbuilt, automatically

d. None of the above


  1. Source is the client-side custom validator object and argument is an object with two properties __________ and ______________

a. Value, Is valid?

b. Get, set

c. Text, ID

d. None of the above


  1. A SqlDataReader provides a ________, ________ pointer over data retrieved from a SQL database.

a.Data, variable

b.Forward-only, read-only

c.Insert, data

d.None of the above


  1. To use a SqlDataReader, you declare a __________ instead of a ___________.

a.SqlCommand, SqlDataAdapter

b.SqlDataAdapter, DataSet

c.DataSet, SetConnection

d.None of the above


  1. The ___________ renders a ___________ containing the SQL data.

a. DataAdapter, DataSet

b. DataGrid, Table

c. SqlCommand, SqlConnection

d None of the above


51. A)Delegates are similar to function pointer in C++   

      B) Delegates are the basis for    Events.

a. Both are true

b. A is true but B is false

c. B is true but A is false

d. Both are false

52. Connection Pooling Refers to

      a. Reusability of Connection

      b. No of Connection

     c. Properties of Connection

    d.   Inheritance of Connection

53. XMLReadMode specified ………… already exists.


a) Relational , Object

b) Relational ,Schema

c) Schema, Object

d) ReadXml,WriteXml


54. UDDI is developed by _________and ___________.

 a) IBM, Microsoft, Ariba.

 b) Oracle,IBM,Microsystems

 c) IBM,Oracle,Ariba

d) None of the above. 


55.   In Reference to IIS 6.0

A)    Number of sites a single IIS 6.0 server can host.

B)    The Number of concurrently active worker processes.

a)     A is True and B is also True

b)     A is False and B is True

c)      A is False and B is False

d)     A is True and B is False


56.   Guideline for  Application Pool

A)    To isolate Web Application on a Web Site

B)    Configure a unique user account .

a)     A is True and B is also True

b)     Both are false

c)      A is False and B is True

d)     A is True and B is False


57.   Post parameter keeps the information out of the

a)     URL

b)     Address Bar

c)      Query String

d)     Authorization Rule


58.   If ASP. Net is configured for __________authentication, no additional ______________ no additional authentication occurs at this point.

a)     Web , Authorize

b)     Windows, Authorization

c)      WebService, Principal

d)     Windows, Authentication

59.   IIS __________ authentication the caller By using Basic, Digest, Integrated or certificate authentication .

a)     NLTM or Kerberos

b)     IIS and Pool

c)      Pooling, Passport

d)     Atribute, Pool


60.   Global.asax is a ____________ file

a)     Text

b)     Image

c)      Application

d)     Root


                    Part Three Four Marks Question

      61. Match the following

i) XML                       a) Protocol for Web Service    

ii) WSDL                    b)  Interface to web Service

iii) SOAP                    c) To Retrieve data from and Send data to Web Server

iv) HTTP                    d) Structured Data


a)      i-a,ii-b,iii-c,iv-d

b)      i-d,ii-b,iii-c,iv-a

c)      i-d,ii-a,iii-b ,iv-c

d)     i-d,ii-b,iii-a,iv-c


     62. Feature of IIS is

a)     Reliability

b)     Scalability

c)      Security

d)     Application Compatibility

e)     Enhanced Development

f)       NNTP

a)     All are true

b)     a,b,c,d are true

c)      b,c,d,e are true

d)     a,b,c,d,e, are true.


     63.Accessibility Levels can be specified by

a. Public

b. Protected

c. Internal

d. Private

e. Protected Internal

     a) All are true

     b) a,b,c,d are true

     c) b,c,d are true

     d) a,b,c,d are true.

     64. .Net Framework is used to develop following types of application

           a. WCF

           b. WF

           c. ASP. Net applications

            d. Web Services

            e. Windows GUI Application

            f. Windows Project

            g. WPF



             a) All are true

             b) a,b,c,d,e are true

             c) a,b,c,d,e,f are true

             d) b,c,d,e,f,g are true

65. Match the Following

    i) Culture                                       a) List of Statically assemblies                             

    ii) Version Number                                  b) CLR use it and Build Number

    iii) Strong Name Information      c) Public Key

    iv) Referenced Assemblies       d) Language the assembly support


a)      i-d,ii-b,iii-c,iv-a

b)      i-d,ii-b,iii-a,iv-c

c)      i-d,ii-c,iii-b,iv-a

d)     i-a,ii-b,iii-c,iv-d


66. ASP. Net Web pages help in

a) Implementing a Rich Web use Interface

b) Separation of Client and Server 

c) Complication with Data Access

d) Inconsistent Object Mode

e) Browser Dependent Applications


 a) All are true

 b) a,b,c,d are true

 c) b,c,d are true

 d) a,b,c are true


 67. Events have the following

a) Publisher determines when an Event is raised

b) Events are typically used to signal user actions such as button clicks

c) Events can be used to Synchronize threads

d) An Event can have single Subscribers.


a) All are True

b) a,c,d are True

c) a,b,c are true

d) b,c,d are true


68. Objects of .NET Framework

 a. Command               i) Populates a DataSet

 b. DataReader                     ii) ReadOnly stream of Data from a Data Source

c. DataAdapter          iii) It is used against Data Source

d. Connection           `           iv) Establish a Connection.


a)     a-iii,b-ii,c-i,d-iv

b)     a-i,-ii,c-iii,d-iv

c)      a-i,b-ii,c-iv,d-iii

d)     a-iv,b-iii,c-ii,d-a

69. Match the following

a) View State                                    i) Property provides a dictionary object

b) Session State                   ii) Similar to Application State

c) Application State             iii)State is stored in a Key/Value  

d) Control State                    iv)Persist property information that is specific .


a)     a-i,b-ii,c-iii,d-iv

b)     a-iv,b-i,c-ii,d-iii

c)      a-ii,b-i,c-iii,d-iv

d)     a-iii,b-iv,c-i,d-ii


70.Match the following

a)     Secret Key Encryption        i) Maps data from any length to a fixed length

b)     Public Key Encryption        ii) This process use hash functions

c)      Cryptographic Signing        iii)It use public/private key pair

d)     Cryptographic hashes                    iv) It use only a single Key


a)     a-iv,b-iii,c-ii,a-i

b)     a-i,b-ii,c-iii,d-iv

c)      a-i,b-iii,c-iv,d-ii

d)     a-i,b-iii,c-iv,d-ii


71.     ADO.Net has classes

a)     Disconnected Classes

b)     Shared Classes

c)      Data Provider Classes

d)     System Class

e)     Database Class


a)     a,b,e are true

b)     a,b,c,d,e are true

c)      b,c,d are true

d)     a,b,c are true.


72.     Check the following

a)     Global Directives is also known as Application Directives

b)     Import directive is included in Global.asax file

c)      Assembly Directives is included in Global.asax file

d)     Application Directives

a)     a,b,c,d are true

b)     Only d

c)      a,b are true

d)     b,c,d are true


73.     Generic class __________operation that are not specific to a particular _________type, the most common _____________class is with collection like

____________ lists.

a)     Inheritance,class,public,linked

b)     Encapsulates,data,generic,Linked

c)      Class,data,generic,linked

d)     Polymorphism,Class,public,Linked


74.     String are _____________it means the contents of a string ______cannot

bechanged after the object is _______ although the syntax makes it appear as if You _______ do this.

a)     mutable,class,destroyed,can

b)     Immutable,Object,Destroyed,can

c)      Immutable,Object,Destroyed, Can

d)     Immutable,Object,Created,Can


75.     __________is used to achieve the goal of confidentially, Data _______and _______.

a)     Cryptography,Security,Validation

b)     Encryption , Integrity,Authentication

c)     Cryptography ,Integrity,Authentication

d)      Authentication , Integrity , Validation