Part A- Q1-Q40- [1 mark each]

Part B- Q41-Q60- [2 marks each]

Part C- Q6-Q75[4 marks  each]



Q: 1-                Computer graphics is a _________ and diversified technology.


                        a) Simple                                                         b) Complex

                        c) Both a and b                                               d) None of the above


Q: 2-                End product of computer graphics is _________.


                        a) Photo                                                           b) Picture

                        c) Movie                                                          d) None of the above


Q: 3-                The ____ is the fundamental cohesive concept in computer graphics.


                        a) Picture                                                         b) Photo

                        c) Movie                                                          d) All of the above


Q: 4-                Pictures are represented in_________


                        a) Computer architecture                                b) Computer organization

                        c) Computer graphics                                      d) All of the above


Q: 5-                ________ with the picture is accomplished


                        a) Iteration                                                      b) Reaction

                        c) Interaction                                                   d) All of the above


Q: 6-                Pictures are prepared for_______


                        a) Presentation                                                b) Preparation

                        c) Provocation                                                 d) None of the above


Q: 7-                The modern graphics display is _________ in construction.


                        a) Difficult                                                      b) Simple

                        c) Extremely Simple                                        d) None of the above


Q: 8-                Modern graphics consists of ______ components


                        a) 1                                                                  b) 2

                        c) 3                                                                  d) 4


Q:9-                 _______ is a graphical component


                        a) Digital memory                                           b) Television monitor

                        c) Display controller                                        d) All of the above


Q: 10-              The image must be passed repeatedly to the monitor ________ a seconds.


                        a) 30                                                                b) <30

                        c) >30                                                              d) Seconds.


Q: 11-              Inside the frame buffer the image is stored as a pattern of ______ digital numbers.


                        a) Octal                                                           b) Binary

                        c) Hexadecimal                                               d) Decimal



Q: 12-              We wish to store only _____ images


                        a) Colored                                                       b) Black and white

                        c) Both a and b                                               d) None of the above


Q: 13-              16*16 array of black and white pixels could be represented by the binary values stored in the ______ bytes.                                                              


                        a) 16-8 bit                                                        b) 8-8 bit

                        c) 32-8 bit                                                        d) 64-8 bit


Q: 14-              The __ simply reads each successive byte of data from the frame buffer.


                        a) Digital controller                                         b) Data controller

                        c) Display controller                                        d) All of the above


Q: 15-              The display controller converts 0’s & 1’s in to corresponding________.


                        a) Audio Signal                                               b) Digital signal

                        c) Analog signal                                              d) Video signal


Q: 16-              The change the displayed picture, all we need to do is modify the _________ to represent the new pattern of pixels.


                        a) Video Signal                                               b) Digital Signal

                        c) Audio signal                                                d) Digital signal


Q: 17-              CRT stands for


                        a) Cathode Ray tube                                       b) Colored Ray tube

                        c) Converted Ray Tube                                   d) All of the above     


Q: 18-              ___ are used in common television sets.


                        a) Random scan CRT                                      b) RGB-CRT

                        b) Raster scan CRT                                         d) None of the above


Q: 19-              The most commonly used ________ devices is the CRT.


                        a) Input                                                           b) Output

                        c) Storage                                                        d) None of the above


Q: 20-              The major Components of CRT is


                        a) Electron gun                                                b) Phosphorous coated screen

                        b) Control electrodes                                      d) Deflection yoke     

                        f) All of the above


Q: 21-              ________ causes elections to congregate at the end of electron gum.


                        a) Heater                                                         b) Cathode

                        c) Both a and b                                               d) None of the above


Q: 22-              The electron are accelerated by _______ of an electric field.


                        a) Association                                                 b) Application

                        c) Argumentations                                          d) None of the above


Q: 23-              _________ used to regulate the flow of elections in CRT.


                        a) Electron gun                                                b) Focusing electrode

                        c) Control electrode                                        d) All of the above


Q: 24-              Control electrode is connected to _______.


                        a) Repeater                                                      b) Amplifies   

                        b) Both a and b                                               d) None of the above


Q: 25-              A Focusing electrode focuses the electrons in a narrow beam by exerting _____ force on the electrons in the electron beam.


                        a) Magnetic field                                             b) Electrostatic field

                        c) Magnetic field                                             d) All of the above


Q: 26-              ______ is used to control the direction of electron beam in CRT.


                        a) Phosphorous coated screen                         b) Focusing electrode

                        c) Control Electrode                                       d) Deflection yoke


Q: 27-              There is a ____ coating on the inside front of every CRT.


                        a) Nitrogen                                                      b) Phosphorous          

                        c) Hydrogen                                                    d) All of the above


Q: 28-              The glow given off by the, phosphor during exposure of the electron beam is known as .


                        a) Fluorescence                                               b) Phosphorescence

                        c) Persistence                                                  d) All of the above


Q: 29-              The continuing glow given off after the beam is removed is known as.


                        a) Fluorescence                                               b) Phosphorescence

                        c) Persistence                                                  d) All of the above


Q: 30-              A phosphor will no longer be fluorescent it is said to be_________


                        a) Burned                                                        b) Buried

                        c) Browned                                                     d) All of the above



Q: 31-              Raster is a synonym for the term_______.


                        a) Array                                                           b) Matrix        

                        c) Model                                                          d) All of the above


Q: 32-              The rate at which the electron beam seams the surface of the CRT is often directly related to the frequency of the _____ Voltage.


                        a) Global line                                                   b) Static line

                        c) Local line                                                    d) All of the above


Q: 33-              In India ________ cycle line voltage is used.


                        a) 40                                                                b) 50

                        c) 30                                                                d) 80


Q: 34-              Each time the election beam goes through a complete cycle of raster or scan lines, the CRT is said to be.


                        a) Refreshed                                                    b) Flickered

                        c) Retrieved                                                    d) None of the above


Q: 35-              The perceptual threshold is greater than the frequency of standard line voltage a technique

                        Called ___ is often used.


                        a) Interleaving                                                 b) Interweaving

                        c) Interlacing                                                   d) All of the above


Q: 36-              Refresh rate is significantly ___________ the phosphors persistence.


                        a) Longer                                                         b) Smaller

                        c) Equal to                                                       d) Extremely simple


Q: 37-              An interlacing is used to _________ the raster –line cycle.


                        a) Create                                                          b) Break

                        c) Exit                                                             d) None of the above


Q: 38-              Over scan on the deft is called top ___ over scan


                        a) Vertical                                                       b) Horizontal  

                        c) Diagonal                                                      d) None of the above


Q: 39-              Over-scan on the left is called left ____ over scan


                        a) Vertical                                                       b) Horizontal  

                        c) Diagonal                                                      d) None of the above


Q: 40-              Each time the election beam scans from left to right it is an _______ mode


                        a) Read                                                            b0 Write

                        b) Execute                                                       d) Cancel




1) b                  2) b                              3) a                              4) c                              5) c                     6) a


7) c                  8) c                              9) d                              10) c                            11) c                   12) b


13) c                14) c                            15) d                            16) b                            17) a                   18) c


19) b                20) f                            21) c                            22) b                            23) c                   24) b


25) c                26) d                            27) b                            28) a                            29) b                   30) a


31) b                32) c                            33) b                            34) a                            35) c                   36) a


37) b                38) a                            39) b                            40) b



41) The Pixel is the smallest piece of the display screen which can be controlled by setting ___________ and _____________

a)      Intensity, color

b)      Extensive, high bandwidth

c)      Position, shape

d)     None of the above


42) Interactive graphics permits ___________, __________ user computer interaction.

a)      Intensity, color

b)     Extensive, high bandwidth

c)      Position, shape

d)     None of the above


43) PHIGS ________________ supports nested hierarchial grouping of 3D premitives called _______________

a)      Programmer’s Hierarchical Interaction graphics system, structure.

b)      Portable Hierarchical Interaction graphics standard, segment

c)      Parallel Hierarchical Interaction graphics system, structure.

d)     None of the above.


44) DVST __________ display colors and are available with _________ level of line intensity.

a)      Don’t, single

b)      Do, single

c)      Do, double

d)     Don’t double


45) The first graphics specification be officially standardized was __________ , when this became official standard it was called __________

a)      GKS, PHIGS

b)      PHIGS, GKS

c)      DVST, PHIGS

d)     GKS, DVST


46) _________ gun stores the picture pattern & the _ gun maintain the picture display.

a)      Primary, secondary

b)      Flood, boundary

c)      Primary, flood

d)     None of these


47) In CRT, beam is moved left to right it is _____________- and when beam is moved from right to left, it is ________________

a)      ON, OFF

b)      Raster, Random

c)      Off, On

d)     All of the above


48) In Cartography, CG is used to represent _________--, weather maps, ______ , contour maps, population density maps and so on.

a)      Geographic maps, oceanographic charts

b)      Pie charts, bar charts

c)      Hectographs, diagram

d)     All of the above

49) With ______ dynomics it is possible to change shape & with ______ dynomics, user can move & tumble objects

a)      Motion , update

b)      DSP, CRT

c)      Update, motion

d)     None of the above


50) In raster scan display, graphic primitives are specified in term of their ___________ & must be scan converted into their corresponding pixel in the ______________.

a)      Endpt, frame buffer

b)      startpt, frame buffer

c)      frame buffer, end pt.

d)     frame buffer, start pt.


51) Graphics workstatuion is the ________________ term for a graphical device that can display graphical output or accept graphical input or both. The graphics workstation is always supported with _______________

a)      GKS, Software

b)      CRT, Videoport

c)      SPHIGHS, Hardware

d)     PHIGHS, Software


52) Display Processor is also called _______________ or _______________

a)      Graphic controller, display co-processor

b)      Graphic processor, display controller

c)      Frame Handle, CPU modular

d)     None of the above


53) Scan lines are labeled from _____________, at the top of the screen to __________- bottom.

a)      Y, 0

b)      Y, X

c)      X,Y

d)     0, X


54) With resolution of 1024 x 1024 , a full color (____- bit per pixel) RGB system need, ______ MB of storage for frame buffer.

a)      24, 3

b)      16, 4

c)      256, 8

d)     All of the above


55) In color display, ________ bit per pixel are commonly used where 8 bits represent __________ levels for each color.

a)      24, 256

b)      64, 256

c)      16, 128

d)     24, 128


56) It is necessary to read 24 bits of each pixel from frame buffer. To avoid this video controller uses ______ to store many enteries of pixel value in __________ format.

a)      LUT, RGB

b)      Frame Buffer, CYM

c)      CYM, LUT

d)     LUT, Frame Buffer


57) To Provide flicker free display, the display processor has to execute its program ___ to ____ times per second.

a)      30, 60

b)      60, 90

c)      30, 50

d)     40, 60


58) With 3 bit per pixel we can accommodate __________ gray level, while 8 bit per pixel would give us _____ shade of gray.

a)      8, 256

b)      256, 8

c)      24 3

d)     16, 1024


59) In visualization and image processing application __________ are convenient means for setting ____________ so that all pixel values above or below a specified thresholds can be set to same color.

a)      Color table, color threshold

b)      Color threshold, color table

c)      Color lookup table, color intensity

d)     All of the above

60) _______________ Procedure specifies how image are to be modified & control procedure specifies where the images are to be generated.

a)      SRGP – copy pixel , canvas

b)      SRGP – mod pixel , LUT

c)      SRGP – edit pixel , frame buffer

d)     All of the above


61) Match the following:

Set 1                            Set 2

A. Simulation              1. Geographic maps

B. Cartography           2. Visual Control

C. CAV                       3. Mathematical Model

D. User Interface        4. Automatic bodies

            A-4, B-2, C-1, D-3

            A-1, B-2, C-3, D-4

A-3, B-1, C-4, D-2

A-3, B-2, C-4, D-2


62) Match the following:

Set 1                            Set 2

            A. User Interface        1. Remote control Room

            B. Plottiy Graphics     2. Mouse Click

            C. Office Automation 3. Histograms

            D. Process Control      4. Desktop publishing

            A-4, B-2, C-1, D-3

            A-2, B-3, C-4, D-1

A-3, B-1, C-4, D-2

A-3, B-2, C-4, D-2


63) Match the following:

Set 1                                        Set 2

            A. Application Model             1. Geometric description

            B. Application Program          2. PHIGS

            C. Graphic system                   3. Object attribute

            D. Structure                            4. Database

A-4, B-3, C-1, D-2

            A-2, B-3, C-4, D-1

A-3, B-1, C-4, D-2

A-3, B-2, C-4, D-2


64) Match the following:

Set 1                                        Set 2

            A. Kind of picture                  1. Drawing

            B. Role of picture                   2. Symbolic

            C. Type of Interaction                        3. Color Image

            D. Pictorial Representation