object oriented analysis & desigen using UML


[1 mark each]


1)     The UA based on the methodologies suggested by booch____________ and Jacobson.

a)     Rum Baugh

b)     Coad

c)      Your don

d)     none of the above

2)     OMG stands for

a)     Object modeling group

b)     Object Management Group

c)      Object modification group

d)     None of the above



3)      Associations are__________.

a)     Unidirectional

b)     Bi-directional

c)      tridirectional

d)     None of the above


4)     Associations represent the relationship be4tween object and functions.(True/False)


5)      Dynamic Binding occurs when polymorphism   calls are issued.(True/false).


6)     The activities and focus of object oriented analysis and OOD are _________,grown ,not-built.


a)     Developed

b)     Intertwined

c)      Not-determined

d)     .none of the above


7)       a comment is an annotation attached to a model element or a set of model elements(true / false)


8)     _________ is a run-time physical object that represent a computational resource.

a)     parameter

b)     stereotype

c)     node

d)     none of the above

9)      a permission is a kind of association(true / false)

10) a primitive defines a pre-defined data type with a relevant UML substructure.(true / false).


11)  Late Binding decide on run-time.(true / false).


12)    The run-time instances of a primitive data types are data values.(true / false)


13)   the access layer must be able to translate any data related request from __________ into the appropriate protocol for data access.

a)     The business layer

b)     Application layer

           c) session layer

           d) none of the above.


14)  The meta model is decomposed into the_________.

a)      interface

b)     top-level management

c)     top=level packages

d)     none of the above


15)   LCA state is ____________.

a)     Least common ancestor

           b) least cost analysis

c) link connection abstraction

            d)None of the above



16)    Collaboration diagrams were adapted from __________.

a)     Your don

b)     rum Baugh

c)     Booch

d)     None of the above


17)   Two types of interaction diagrams are sequence and____________.

a)     Collaboration diagram

b)        Use case diagram



18)   Parametrised collaboration is also known as __________.

a)     Use-case diagram

b)     frameworks

c)     pattern or collaboration template

           d) none of the above


19)  Each compartment in the state are separated by _______________.

a)     A vertical dashed line

b)     A horizontal rule

c)      A tagged value

d)     None of the above.


20)  An import or access relationship between two packages is drawn as a ___________

a)     pen tracker

b)     stereotype

c)      solid arrow with vertical dashed line

d)     dashed arrow with open arrowhead.


21)   Composition is shown by a____________on the end of an association..

a)     solid-filled diamond

b)     hollow diamond

c)      vertical line

d)     none of the above


22)   Collaboration is a ________________.


a)     Generalized element

b)     Specialized element

c)      Parameterized element

d)     None of the above


23)    An association defines a semantic relationship between ________.

a)     functions

b)     classifiers

c)     association

d)     None of the above



24)   The interaction specifies the activator and predecessors of each message. The activator is the message that invoked the _________that in turn invokes the current message.

a)     procedure

b)     functions

c)      references

d)     none of the above



25)   a change event model, an event model that occurs when an explicit Boolean expression becomes as a result of a change in value of one or more attribute or association. (true / false)

26)  A tool may present property specification or separate line with or without in_________.

a)     opening braces

b)     closing braces

c)      enclosing braces

d)     none of the above.




27)  Frozen indicates the value which may not be changed from the source end after the creation.( true / false)

28)  Changeable property shows restriction on modification.( true / false)

29)  tagged definitions specify new kinds of properties that may be attached to model elements.( true/ false).

30)  __________ is an action in which an instance causes another instance to cease to exist.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                 

a)     Destroy action

b)     Create action

c)       Terminate action

d)     none of the above


31)  _______ is an action in which stimulus is created that causes a signal event for the receive.

a)     Destroy action

b)     Create action

c)     Send action

d)     Terminate action



32)   Call action is an action in which a stimulus is created that causes a signal event for the receiver.( true / false)


33)   The task of RAD is to build the application quickly and incrementally implement the design and user requirements( true /false)


34)   OMT is divided into three different parts:- object model,__________, dynamic model

a)     change model.

b)     Function model

c)     Operation model

d)     None of the above



35)  ___________ is used by UML to specify the semantics and is provided as a language for expressions during modeling

a)     OOD

b)     OCL

c)      .OOA

d)     none of the above

36)  the complexity of the UML metamodel is managed by organizing it into logical packages.( true / false)


37)  The Booch Methodologies prescribes a Macro Development and _________.

a)     Mini Development process

b)     Micro development process

c)      Major development process

d)     None of the above


38)  Generative patterns are dynamic( true / false).

39) Non-generative patterns are static or passive.( true / false)


40)   The sending of a signal may be shown as a convex pentagon with a triangular notch in its side called__________.


a)     Signal receipt

b)     Signal sending

c)      Synch states

d)     none of these



                                                  [2 marks each]




41)   the message is the ___________ and the method is the_________.

a)     Instruction, function

b)     Subroutine call, class

c)     Instruction, implementation

d)     Behavior, implementation


42)   :Super and sub-class may also be called as _________ and ___________.

a)     Base class, parent class

b)     Base class, derive class

c)      Derive class,child class

d)     none of these


43)   there are 3 types of extensibility mechanisms i.e. ___________, tagged values and_______.

a)     Actor, use-case

b)     Stereotypes , constraints

c)      Class diagrams, interaction diagrams.

d)     none of the above




44)   there are 4 layers in framework for meta-modelling:- meta-meta model ,____________, model,____________.

a)     Meta-model, user objects

b)     Model, class

c)     Tagged values, constraints

d)     None of these


45) Deque is a special type of data structure in which insertion and deletion will be done..

a)     Either at rear end or at the front end of the queue.

b)     Neither at front end nor at the rear end of the queue.

c)     Either at front end or at the rear end of the queue.

d)     None of the above





46) The message is the __________ and the method is the_________.

a)     Instruction, specification

b)     Instruction, implementation

c)      Subroutine call , class

d)     Behaviour,implementation


47) Super and Subclasses may also be called as ________ and __________.

a)     Base and Parent class

b)     Base ,Derive class

c)      Derive ,child class

d)     none of the above


48)  true/ false

a)     Swim lanes are used to organize responsibilities for actions and sub-activites.( true / false)

b)      The symbol of sub-activity is rectangle with rounded corner.( true / false)





49)   (1) the collaborations packages is a type of behavioral elements packages.( true/false)

(2) a collaboration can be used for specification of how an operation a classifier like a ___________ is realized by an assemble of classifiers and associations.

a)     actor

b)     use-case

c)      interface

d)     none of the above.


50) OMT provides a detailed and comprehensive dynamic model in addition to letting you ____________,_________, event and actions

a)     States, transitions

b)     Flow arrow, activites

c)      Solid arrow,transitions

d)     None of the above


51)   Class diagrams are a melding of _____________ and ________.

a)     OMT ,Booch

b)     Booch,rumbaugh

c)      Yourdon,coad

d)     Rumbaugh,coad


52)  A parameter is an unbound variable that can be _________ ,passed or_________.

a)      Static ,unchanged

b)     changed,returned

c)      operations, templates

d)     none of the above


53)  A component represent a modular,__________ and __________ part of a system.

a)     Changeable,static

b)     Binary, executable

c)     Deployable,replaceable

d)     None of the above


54)   A binding must have ___________ and _________.

a)     One supplier, one client

b)     Dependency, association

c)      Parameter, functions

d)     None of the above.


55)  Collaboration includes a set of _____________ and_________ that define the participants needed for a given set of purposes.

a)     Classifier roles, customer role

b)     Classifier roles, association roles

c)      Association role , s/w role

d)     None of the above


56)   The state machine formalism described an object-based variant of__________.it incorporation several concept similer to those defined in______________.

a)     Collaboration chart ,room chart

b)     State chart, room chart

c)      Class chart, room chart

d)     None of the above


57)  A synch state is used in conjunction with __________ and __________ to insure that one region leaves a particular state..

a)     forks ,joins

b)     joins, single

c)      forks , multiple

d)     None of these


58)   A transition is directed relationship between a __________ vertex and __________ vertex.

a)     Source state,target state

b)     Design state, source state

c)      Source state ,target state

d)     None of the above.


59)   A namespace is used for _____________ such as the contents of a _________ or a class declared inside the scope of another class.

a)     Unstructured, package

b)     Structured operati68

c)      Model, use-case

d)     None of the above


60)  Blum describes a system evaluation in terms of 4 qualities i.e. __________ , validation, correctness,________________.

a)     Evaluation analysis

b)     Design,verification

c)     Validation,verification

d)     None of the above


(4 marks each)


61.       Match making

a)     1986                                             i) ivar Jacobson ©

b)     1987                                             ii) brooch (a)

c)      1991                                            iii) shelly shlaer(b)

d)     1994                                             iv) Jim rum Baugh (d)



62. match making

a)     parametrised template(class)                                public property (b)

b)     + symbol indicates                                                private property( c)

c)      – symbol indicates                                                 a small dashed

                                                                                    rectangle is                                                                                                                                                   superimposed on the upper right hand corner.(a)

d)     # symbol indicates                                                       protected keyword(d)




63. match the following


a)     ---à                                                   stick arrowhead (b)

b)     ▬►                                                          procedure call (a)





64. match the following

     (a) O-‡                                                            stereotype(b)

                 (b)<<    >>                                                      generalization(c)

                 (c) -¨                                                             state-machine(d)

                 (d) Ž                                                              interface(a)

 65. match the following:

                      stereotype                                                       Base-class

a)     Organisation Unit                                         Association (b) & (d)

b)     Communicate                                               model ©

c)      Use-case model                                          subsystem(a)

d)     Subscribe


66. match the following

        symbol                                                                         denoted by                

a)     ·®                                                                            history indicator ©

b)     (·)                                                                              swim-lanes(d)

c)      (H)                                                                              final state(b)

d)     +                                                                                 initial state(a)

67 .the UML merges the best of the notations used by the three most popular analyzes and design methodologies:_________,____________,________,________.

a)     grady booch ,ivar Jacobson,use-case,james rumbaugh

b)     booch,coad,Yourdon,james

c)      none of the above



68   true/ false

   a) Collaboration is a fragment of a larger complete model that is intended for a general purposes( true /false)

b)instances and links created during the execution may be designated as {transient}.(true / false)

c)instances and links destroyed during the execution may be designated as {destroyed}.( true /false)

d) instances and links created during the execution and then destroyed may be designated as {transient} .(true / false)




69        match the following:

a)     1990                                                          (1) CRC ©

b)     1986                                                          (2) OOD(b)

c)      1989                                                          (3) responsibility driven(a)

d)     1994                                                           (4) OMT(b)

70. three- layered approach consist of a ___________,_________,__________.

a)     User Interface layer,business layer,access layer

b)     Network layer,physical layer,data link layer

c)      Application layer,session layer,business layer

d)     None of the above   

71.       true/false

a)     UML is a language for specifying ,visualizing,constructing and documenting the artifacts of software system.(true /false)

b)     The main goal of UML is to provide users with a ready-to-use,expressive visual modeling language to develop and exchange meaningful models.(true / false)

c)      The main purpose of UML is integration.(true / false)

d)     Use-case diagrams are similar in appearance to those in OOD.(true /false)

72.match the following:

a)     meta-metamodel                                          describe information domain©

b)     meta-model                                                 describe specific domain(d)

c)      model                                                          specify a meta-model(a)

d)     user-objects                                                specify a model(b)

73. the UML standard stereotype classes of abstraction are ____________,_________,_____________ and ____________.

a)     constraints, tagged values,stereotype,artifacts

b)     derivation,realization,refinement,trace

c)      property,attributes,trace,realize

d)     none of the above.                                          

74 match the following

a)     focus on practicability               shephered contacts the pattern authors©

b)     aggressive disregard of originality   prove solutions to scientific result(a)

c)      non-anonymous review         no need of original documents.

75.       match the following

a)     1986                                     ivar Jacobson(b)

b)     1987                                    booch©

c)      1991                                     shally shlaerjim (a)

d)     1994                                     jim rum Baugh(d)