software project management quality assurance




Software project Management

And Quality Assurance

BC 0054/MC0084



     1. Which one of these is not an IT organizational structure?

  1. Flat organizational Structures
  2. Matrix organizational Structures
  3. Inter organizational Structures
  4. Net organizational Structure 




2. What are the factors to generate Risk?

  1. High employee attrition
  2. Falure of team coordination
  3. Requirement changes
  4. All the above

Ans- D


    3.What is the full form of SEI


a)     Software Engineering Intranet

b)     Software Engineering Internet

c)      Software Engineering Institute

d)     System Engineering Institute


 4. what is the full form of APM

a)     Association for Project Management

b)     Australian Institute of Project Management

c)      Association of Project and Program Management

d)     Advanced project management



    5 .   What is door?

a)     Data Abstraction

b)     Encapsulation

c)      Both (a) ,(b)

d)     None of the above




   6. Which one is not   the development Life Cycle models 

a)     Spiral model

b)     Waterfall model

c)      Throwable protyping model

d)     Auto software synthesis




7 Waterfall Model does not contain   one of the following

a)     Analysis or Requirements

b)     Design

c)      Implementation

d)     validation



 8.COCOMO stands for what


a)     Constructive Cost Model

b)     Comparative cost model

c)      both a,b

d)     None of the above



 9. Every project is considered   to be developed in one of ---------------- modes


a)     1

b)     2

c)      3

d)     both (a),(b)

     Ans -C 

10   PERT is abbreviated form of--------------------------


a)     Program Evaluation and Review Technique

b)     Project Evaluation and Review Tecnique

c)      both a ,b

d)     None of the above

    Ans- C

(11)    which one is not used for capital Budgeting

a)     Net Present value

b)     profitability index

c)      Internal rate of return  

d)     Equal annuity


Ans -D


(12)    Identify   the   Risk categories


          (a)project risks

(b)Technical risks   

(c)Business risks

(d) All the above



 Ans - D


 ( 13)   SCM(software Configuration management) activities are developed to


            (a)Identify change 

             (b)Control change 

            ( c) Both a, b 

            (d) None of these



Ans -C


(14) What is the full form of EVA


           ( a) Earned value Analysis      

(b)       End value Analysis   

( c)   Evaluation  

(d)None of these



(15) What is the SCM?

a)     Software Configuration management   

b)     System configuration management m

c)      Simple Configuration management     

d)     None of these

   Ans -A

(16) -------------------is a measure of some property of a piece of software or its specification or its specifications.


(a)   software metrics        

(b)software Tools

(b)   both a, b  

(d)None of these



(17)-------------- -- is the   process of locating and fixing errors(Known as bugs),in a computer program or


     hardware device





      (d) None of these


       Ans - A


(18) The degree of uncertainty that the product will meet its requirements and be fit for intended use-


  1. Cost risks
  2. Support risks
  3. Schedule risks
  4. Performance risk

Ans -D





(19)The output of the software process is information that may be categoried


a.      Computer programs ,

b.      Documents

c.      Data

d.      All the above

Ans -D

(20)------- is a structured set of process descriptions,measurements and methods that can help engineers to improve

         Their personal performance



             ( b)PSP

             ( c) a ,b

             ( d)None of the above

Ans   -A

(21) -------is not an integration types are


          (a ) Big Bang

          (b) Bottom –up

          (c )Top-Down

          (d )Round -up



       (22)    The line   “Are we building the product right?” related with

a.      validation

b.      verification

c.      Testing

d.      Coding

 Ans -B


(23)         It is the testing of an application by applying varying loads

The intention is to find the breaking point of the application where it crases


a.      Stress Testing

b.      Load Testing

c.      Soak Testing

d.      Smoke Testing


Ans (A)

(24)         Once testing is completed ,testers generate metrics and make final reports on their tests    


( a)Test Reporting

(b )Test planning

(c)Requirement Analysis

(d)Test   development

Ans -A



     (25)What‘s the meaning of   Fi   in the equation FP=count-total*(0.65+0.01*SUM(Fi) )

a.      Complexity adjustment values

b.      Complex adjust values

c.      Complex adjustment factor

d.      None of the above

                     Ans -D


       (26) _________ is a software metric that provides a quantitative   measure of the logical Complexity of a program.

                 (a)Cyclometic Compexity

                 (b)Basis Path Testing

                 (c)Automated Testing

                 (d)Functional Testing

                    Ans A

     (27)It is a kind of testing where an application under test is put under load over a period of time

             say 48 to 72 hours to check the stability .

(a)   Load Testing

(b)   Stress Testing

(c)   Soak Testing

(d)   Smoke Testing

Ans C

(28) Are we building the product right related with the following

(a)   Verification

(b)   Validation

(c)   Testing

(d)   Designing

Ans -A

(29) The state box encapsulates state data and services

(a)   Black Box

(b)   Sate Box

(c)   Clear Box

(d)   None of the above

Ans -B

(30) What is the full form of NDIA

(a)   National Defense Industrial Association

(b)   National Defense Institute Academy

(c)   Both a and b

(d)   None of the above

Ans -A

(31) Which one of the following is not Case tool

(a)   Data Modeling tool

(b)   UML

(c)   Refactoring Tool

(d)   QVT or Model Transformation Tools

Ans -D









(32) What is the full form of CASE

(a)   Computer aided software engineering

(b)   Computer aided software designing

(c)   Computer aided software electronics

(d)   None of the above

Ans -A


(33) Hardware reliability is often define in terms of the

(a)   Mean Time To Repair

(b)   Mean Time To Failure

(c)   Both a and b

(d)   None of the above

Ans -B

(34) The model is least flexible and most obsolete of the life cycle models.

(a)   Spiral Model

(b)   Waterfall Model

(c)   Prototype Model

(d)   None of the above

Ans B

(35) What is the full form of ROI

(a)   Return on Investment

(b)   Return of Indication

(c)   Rate of Index

(d)   None of the above

Ans -A

(36) ____________ is the measure of interconnection among modules in a software

        structure .

(a)   Cohesion

(b)   Coupling

(c)   Module Designing

(d)   All of the above

 Ans -B

(37) ______________ is a natural extension of the information hiding concept

(a)   Cohesion

(b)   Coupling

(c)   Abstraction

(d)   All of the above


(38) __________ specification describes an abstraction , stimuli an response using the notation

        f:S*-> R

(a)   Black box

(b)   White box

(c)   State box

(d)   None of the above

Ans -A




(39) The engineering process of transforming the system from one representation for m

        to another at the same relative abstraction level

(a)   Retargeting

(b)   Restructuring

(c)   Both (a),(b)

(d)   None of the above

Ans -A

(40)The engineering process of transformation and hosting or porting the exiting system




 (d)None of the above



                            2 marks Question

(41) Load Testing and stress testing are of:

             (a)System testing

             ( b)Recovery testing

             (c)Security Testing

             (d)Performance Testing

             Ans -D

(42)Whats the meaning of NPV>0 andNPV<0 respectively

             (a)The project should be accepted and the

                  project should be rejected

              (b)The project should be rejected and the project

                    should be accepted

              ( c)The investment would add value to the firm and

                     The investment would subtract value from the firm

              (d)None of these




(43)     The alpha test and beta test conducted at the site respectively


            (a)developer’s site by a customer and Customer sites by the end user

               of the software

             (b)Customer sites by the end user and developer’s site by a customer

             (c )All of the above

    (d) None of these

   Ans -A

(44)         CMM model defines the following level

(a)Initial level and Repeatable level

(b)Defined level and Managed level

(c) both a and b

(d)None of the above

               Ans -C


(45)         Which types of mechanisms have been used in CASE software to store

design information


(a)   A dictionary

(b)   A repository

(c)   Both (a),(b)

(d)   None of these



(46)         What are the characterstics are used to calculate Function points

(a)Number of user Inputs

 (b)Number of user outputs

 (c)Number of user inquiries

 (d)All of the above




     (47)    Software Quality   are the following

(a)   Reliability

(b)   Maintainability

(c)   Transportability

(d)    (a),(b),(c)

Ans -D

(48) What are the simple size-oriented metrics?




(d)All of the above

Ans -D

   (49) Black Box Testing attemps to find errors in the following

                (a)Incorrect or missing functions

                (b)Interface errors

                (c) (a),(b) ,(d)

                (d) Errors in data structures or external database access

                 Ans -C


 (50) ------------and--------------- methods are available for planning


      (a)PERT chart ,Gantt Chart

       (b) PERT Chart,Gant Chat

       ( c)PERL Chart,Gantt Chart

       (d)Gantt Chart,Grade Chart






(51)      Positive slack (+) indicate------- and Negative slake indicate------

                   (a)ahead of schedule and on schedule

                   (b)ahead of schedule and behind schedule

                   (c) Both (a) and (b)

                    (d)None of the above


 (52)   project risks threaten the project plans. And Business risks threaten the

quality and timeliness of the software to be produced

are related with

(a)   Project Risks,Plan Risks

(b)    Project risks,Technical Risks

(c)   Technical risks,Business Risks 

                (d) None of   These

            ans –D

           (53) What are the elements of risk control?

                 (a )Mitigate Risks and Plan for Emergencies

                 (b) Identify Uncertainties and Analyze risks

( c)Priorties Risks and Mitigate Risks

(d)   None of the above

               Ans -A


(54)       -----------Mange people,resources, and budgets and----------

Manage people,resources,and timelines for one major project or several

Minor projects

                    (a)Product management, Software development

                    (b)Team Leadership, Middle-Management Leadership

                    (c)Middle-Management Leadership, Team Leadership

                    (d)None of the above



         (55)---------- define testing procedure and certification process and-------

               design and code the software to match the specification, prototypes and

                other documentation

                (a)Software development, Software Testing

                (b)Software Testing ,Software development

                (c) User Documentation ,User education

                (d)None of the above

                Ans- B

        (56) In-----------Structure   Decision-making is centralized and In------

                 Rigid hierarchie are replaced with formal and informal communication

                 Networks that connect all parts of the company.

                (a)Networked organizational ,Flat organizational

                (b) Flat organizational , Networked Organizational

                (c) Flat oraganizational , Metrix organizational 

                (d)None of the above

                  Ans- B

          (57)In __________cost estimation method each component of the software job

                 is separately estimated and ________ method involves consulting one or

                 more experts

(a)   Arithmetic Models, Expert Judgement

(b)   Parkinson’s principle, Analogy Estimation

                (c)Buttom-up Estimation,Expert judgement

(c)   None of these


       (58) A ____________   complements the formal technical review by accessing

              a configuration object for characterstics that are generally not considered

              during review


a)     Configuration audit

b)     Configuration control

c)      Both i, ii

d)     None of the above






(59)____________refers to long_term management of intractable conflicts.It is the label for

      the variety of ways by which people handle grievances .


a)     Conflict Management

b)     Configuration Management

c)      both (a),(b)

d)     None of the above


ans –A


                      4 marks only



(60)________is the set of engineering activities that cosumes the products and artifacts                                

derived   from legacy software and new requirements to produce a new target system and--                          tools that perform all the reengineering functions associated with source code


(i)Forward engineering,

(ii)Data Reengineering

(iii)System engineering,

(iv)Reverse engineering


a)     i and ii only    

b)     i, ii ,iii    

c)      i,   ii ,iii ,iv 

d)     None of these





(61)     The Nokia software basded on the following principles

(i)Geographically distributed environment

(ii)product family architecture

(iii)Concurrent engineering

(iv)Consumer Engineering

            ( a) - (i),(ii),(iii)    ( b) -(ii),(iii),(iv ) (c)-(i),(ii),(iv) (d) (ii) &(iv)

            Ans -A


 (62 )   What are the phases involves in Waterfall Model

             ( i )Analysis or Requirements

             (ii)Gives an early focus to reusable software

             (iii)Focus on early error detection and design flaws

             (iv)Testing and verification

            (a)     (i),(ii),(iii),      

            (b)     (i), (ii) ,(iii)   ,(iv),

            (c)     (ii) ,  (iii)            

            (d)      (i) ,    (iv)




 ( 63)   What are   the salient Features of PERT Chart

(i)It forces and helps the manager to plan

             (ii)It shows the interrelationship among the tasks in the project

             (iii)Graphical representation of a schedule

             (iv) Resource allocation


           ( a) (ii), (iii) , (iv)                      ( b) (i),(ii),(iii)

            (c)   (i) and (ii) only                    (d) None of the above






(64)      Column A                        ColumnB


     (i)SE                                 (i)Statistical Engineering

     (ii)CV                              (ii)System Engineering

     (iii) BSS                           (iii)Box Structure specification

     (iv ) FD                            (iv)Form Design

                                             (v)Correct verification

                                              (vi)Correctless verification

                                              (vii)Formal design


(65)         What are the Mayer’s five criteria that enable us to evaluate a design method?


       ( i) Modular decomposability

       ( ii)Modular composability

       (iii)Modular continuity

       (iv)   Mode continuity

       ( a) – (ii),(iii),(iv)      

       ( b)- (i),(ii),(iii)      

       ( c) -(i ),(ii),(iii),(iv)   

        (d )- None of the above


(66)         Iterative process of software Testing consist of

(i)Designing tests

 (ii)Executing tests

(iii)Identifying problems

(iv)Getting problems fixed


                ( b)-(ii),(iii),(iv) 




(67)         What are the types of software testing

(i)Functional Testing

(ii)Forced Error Testing

(iii)Compatibility Testing

(iv)Automated testing

(a) i ii ,iv        ( b) i ,ii ,iii     (c) i,    iii, iv        ( d) None of the above



(68)         List Out the advantages of the Spiral Model

(i)Defers elaboration of low risk software elements

(ii)Accommodates life-cycle evolution,growth,and requirement changes

(iii)Focus on early detection and design flaws

(iv)Can be used for hardware-software system development

(a) i,ii,iii,iv    ( b) ii,iii,iv    ( c)ii and iii only (d )none of the above



     (69)     Direct measures in a project include    _______________

                 (i)lines of code         (ii)execution speed (iii) Functionality (iv)complexity

                 (a) ii   ,iii ,   iv           (b) i ,     ii , iii        (c)   iii and iv        (d)None of these


     (70)     Indirect measures   in a project include ________________

                 (i) functionality          (ii) Quality     (iii) Complexity     (iv)Reliability

                 ( a) i,   ii, iii, iv         (b) iii   and iv only   ( c) i , ii ,iii   (d ) None of these             


 (71)   What    are the risk components and Drivers?

(i)     performance risks    (ii)Cost risks   (iii)Supply risks      (iv)Schedule risks

(a) ii ,iii , iv                 (b) i, ii ,iii        (c) i, ii , iv             (d)None of the above


(72)       Partitioning the architecture horizontally provides a number of distinct benefits


(i )Software that is easier to test

 (ii)Software that is easier to maintain

 ( iii)propagation of fewer side effects

 (iv) Software that is easier to extend

(a)    ii, iii ,iv      (b) i , ii ,iii      ( c) i,   ii, iii,iv   ( d)None of the above



     (73)    What    are the basic steps in debugging

                (i)      Recognize that a bug exits

                (ii)     Isolate the source of the    bug

               (iii)    Identify the cause of the bug

                (iv)    determine a fix for the bug

                (a ) i ,ii , iii ,iv             (b )   ii ,iii,   iv          (c) i, and ii only     (d )Bone of the above




(74)    A formal specification language is usually composed of three primary components

(i) A syntax that defines the specific notation with which the specification is                                         represented

(ii) Semantics to help    define a   universe of objects that will be used to describe the system

(iii) A set of relations that define the rules that indicate which object properly satisfy the specification

(iv)A formal grammar can be used to describe the syntax of the programming language


(a) (i) ,ii ,iii           (b) ii, iii ,iv      (c)   i,    iii ,iv     (d )None of these



(75)     What are the factors to generate Risk

Ans -(a)


(i)High employee attrition

(ii)Falure of team coordination

    (iii) requirement changes

    (iv)To many changes to the software code


(a ) iii , iv      (b) ii, iii, iv    ( c) i,ii,iii,iv     ( d ) none of the above